Metal Bar and Angle

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Durgapur TMT BarGet Quotation

Durgapur TMT Bar

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Vizag TMT Bar RINL

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Torkari TMT Bars

Metal Angle

MS AngleGet Quotation

MS Angle

Z AngleGet Quotation

Z Angle

Metal Channel

Galvanized ChannelGet Quotation

Galvanized Channel

Gate ChannelGet Quotation

Gate Channel

MS ChannelGet Quotation

MS Channel

Metal Joist

MS JoistGet Quotation

MS Joist

Metal Beam

MS BeamGet Quotation

MS Beam

ISMB 125Get Quotation

ISMB 125

ISMB 150Get Quotation

ISMB 150

ISMB 200 SectionGet Quotation

ISMB 200 Section

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ISMB 250 Section

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ISMB 300


MS RoundGet Quotation

MS Round

Flat Bar

MS FlatGet Quotation

MS Flat

Iron PattiGet Quotation

Iron Patti

Galvanized Flat BarGet Quotation

Galvanized Flat Bar

Square Bar

MS Square BarGet Quotation

MS Square Bar

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Galvanized Square Bar

Metal Plate

MS PlateGet Quotation

MS Plate

Chequered PlateGet Quotation

Chequered Plate

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Checkered Plate

MS SheetGet Quotation

MS Sheet

Metal Nut

MS Hex NutGet Quotation

MS Hex Nut

Nylock NutGet Quotation

Nylock Nut

CSK NutGet Quotation


High Tensile NutGet Quotation

High Tensile Nut

Hot Forged NutGet Quotation

Hot Forged Nut

Lock NutGet Quotation

Lock Nut

Metal Bolt

MS Hex BoltGet Quotation

MS Hex Bolt

CSK BoltGet Quotation

CSK Bolt

Carriage BoltGet Quotation

Carriage Bolt

High Tensile BoltGet Quotation

High Tensile Bolt

Hot Forged BoltGet Quotation

Hot Forged Bolt

Foundation BoltGet Quotation

Foundation Bolt

Industrial Washer

MS WasherGet Quotation

MS Washer

Spring WasherGet Quotation

Spring Washer

Diamond WasherGet Quotation

Diamond Washer

Metal Hook

L HookGet Quotation

L Hook

J HookGet Quotation

J Hook


TMT Reinforced SteelGet Quotation

TMT Reinforced Steel

TMT SariyaGet Quotation

TMT Sariya

Cut Size TMT BarGet Quotation

Cut Size TMT Bar

TMT SariaGet Quotation

TMT Saria

Tor SteelGet Quotation

Tor Steel

Indian Standard Angle

Steel AngleGet Quotation

Steel Angle

Angle Steel BarGet Quotation

Angle Steel Bar

Mild Steel AngleGet Quotation

Mild Steel Angle

Metal AngleGet Quotation

Metal Angle

Equal Angle BarGet Quotation

Equal Angle Bar

Metal ISMC

ISMC 75Get Quotation


ISMC 100 ChannelsGet Quotation

ISMC 100 Channels

ISMC 125Get Quotation

ISMC 125

ISMC 150 ChannelsGet Quotation

ISMC 150 Channels

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ISMC 200 Channels

ISMC 250 ChannelsGet Quotation

ISMC 250 Channels

Structural Steel

Steel JoistGet Quotation

Steel Joist

I BeamGet Quotation

I Beam

I Beam BarGet Quotation

I Beam Bar

I JoistGet Quotation

I Joist

ISMB BeamGet Quotation


ISMB SectionGet Quotation

ISMB Section

MS Bar

M.S. RoundGet Quotation

M.S. Round

MS Flat BarsGet Quotation

MS Flat Bars

MS FlatsGet Quotation

MS Flats

MS Round BarGet Quotation

MS Round Bar

MS Square BarGet Quotation

MS Square Bar

Mild Steel FlatGet Quotation

Mild Steel Flat

Flat Products

MS Checkered PlateGet Quotation

MS Checkered Plate

Checkered PlateGet Quotation

Checkered Plate

Chequer PlateGet Quotation

Chequer Plate

Hot Rolled PlatesGet Quotation

Hot Rolled Plates

Iron PlateGet Quotation

Iron Plate

Galvanized Steel

New Items

10 mm TMT BarGet Quotation

10 mm TMT Bar

16 mm TMT BarGet Quotation

16 mm TMT Bar

20 mm TMT BarGet Quotation

20 mm TMT Bar